forbesLeah Goold-Haws grew up with a serial entrepreneur father who ran businesses in hardware, sportswear, Mexican food, airport gifts and others. He would recruit his children to help him in his endeavors. Now, as a mother of three teenage kids, Haws – an entrepreneur in her own right – is taking steps teach her own kids (and everyone else’s) a thing or two about how to make a startup pop. Goold-Haws’ latest venture is Know Opportunity—a board game that puts players in control of their own startups… [continue reading]

all-business Leah Goold-Haws hopes to change the economic outlook of small communities. And she’s doing it one student at a time, bootstrapping her own small business to teach kids about bootstrapping entrepreneurship. Up the I-5 in northern California, drivers en route from Los Angeles to Portland know Redding as the last chance to order a Double-Double from In-n-Out Burger. As visitors make their way off the freeway, they’ll funnel down Dana Drive, past Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Target, a super-sized Walmart, and … [continue reading]

story-exchangeRaising her three boys on her own in a town typified by big store chains, Leah Goold-Haws wanted to teach her teenagers about the economic opportunities behind small businesses as well. She knew that the fastest way to their hearts and minds was through games. So she set out to create Mindevices, fun and colorful board games that help high school students learn about entrepreneurship and career choices. Living in a rural community with teenage sons, I wanted to provide them with the perspective that they can create their own economic success, even in a small town…. [continue reading]