Board games have made a surprising comeback in the past few years, and their popularity is rising fast. Why the sudden change? Why, when phones and tablets and interconnected technological devices  are soaring, are board games suddenly more relevant? There are a number of viable theories, but let’s explore some of the more likely scenarios.

Whether your friends or family (or perhaps you), over the past few years you’ve likely witnessed an increase in discussions, usage, and interest. Be not afraid, my child; you are not alone. Board games have been on a somewhat meteoric rise since late 2014, and if you look at the numbers, it’s not a short-term phenomenon. We’re going to look at some hard numbers – statistics, trends, genres, and more (including some of the more popular genre-specific games). Put your party pants on.

Rising Popularity

When it comes down to it, there’s a certain charm to the idea of low-tech fun with friends and family. All day your eyes are connected to a screen, so the opportunity to sit around the table with some friends is increasingly appealing. Playing board games is an escape from constant connection.

My anecdotes and thoughts aside, here’s some real (and powerful) data behind the board game revolution:

Which Board Game to Choose?

Because of the rising surge in popularity, more and more niche board games are popping up. While many stick within the fantasy/strategy realm, many board games are becoming more educational in a way.

For example, you can now find board games about retirement, or popular board games that are suited for family play, or even politically-inspired board games for leftist voters.For game enthusiasts new and old, this is all great news. Chances are, you can find a game that suits your interest.

But what if you’re not a hardcore gamer? What if you just want to have some fun with friends? You can check out some of the myriad articles that detail 13 Board Games That Are Actually Fun For Adults, or, much more simply, how to choose the perfect board game.

Nerdy Board Game Things

lf you’re really interested in nerding out about board games, you can check out The History of Board Games [infographic] , or for the truly inquiring minds, what Monopoly would look like at today’s prices. Even FiveThirtyEight, the data analysis and predictions blog, which was founded by statistical wizard Nate Silver, maintains a board game silo.

If you’re not the hardcore type, it might be awkward to convince your friends to come over for a game night. Well, there’s even a guide on how to get your family and friends interested in board games. Should you surround yourself with a polarized group of friends, it may be interesting to even consider Donald Trump’s Influence on Board Games.

Beyond the Game

The popularity of board games is really just the beginning. You can now find board game communities like this one or this one. You can check out the Reddit Channel, or buy board games at a discount. And if you’re still unconvinced board games are popular, feel free to further examine some of these resources.


It appears board games really are a thing. Spanning genres and audiences, the board game experience of today is a refreshing break from the iPhone-obsessive day-to-day screen-addicted minutiae in which you likely find yourself. It’s not sexy. It’s not high-tech. It’s not about conversion funnels and user acquisition models. Disengage from your phone for a couple hours. Call a couple friends. Order a pizza and some beer. Enjoy each other. It’s not that difficult, folks. Give it a shot.