Is Know Opportunity Right for You?


For those just starting their career, and especially in an uncertain economic climate, having adaptable skills is crucial to landing your dream career or starting your dream business.

Can This Help Me Get A Job?

That’s a pretty loaded question. We don’t claim this helps you get a job. But playing the game can help open your eyes to possibilities you’ve never considered. You’ll look at your relationships with friends differently, and see opportunity through a different lens. Plus, the game gets you comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Can I Play This Game With My Friends?

Absolutely! The demo version of Know Opportunity has been played by hundreds of people from 18-50 years old. It’s simple enough 10-year-olds can play, and fun enough for 30-somethings to play. We’re currently working on production of the newly revised version and expect it to be ready in February. You can reserve your spot (no payment necessary) by filling out this short form.


You probably don’t realize what you spend your free time on can be the foundation of a small business. Learn 21st century skills and turn your hobbies into career possibilities.

How Does This help Students?

Entrepreneurial skills are necessary in any endeavor. Persuasive speech, for example. In business, being able to passionately articulate yourself can help bridge gaps and land deals. In life, you could be asking somebody out on a date. It’s the same mentality – Know Opportunity just helps you apply what you already know!

What If I Don’t Want to Start a Business?

That’s totally fine. We always say the it’s not an either-or scenario. The skills you learn through Know Opportunity (time management, extemporaneous speaking, basic accounting, etc.) will help you in any endeavor – academic or professional. Entrepreneurial skill sets are highly sought after in today’s  career landscape.


Parents want the best for their kids, but in many cases, the school system doesn’t provide the true skills necessary for them to be competitive in the job market. Know Opportunity can help.

What Can This Help Me Teach My Kids?

Most people have never started or run their own business. And that’s OK. We just want you to see that learning the fundamentals of entrepreneurship is achievable, and it’s an experience you can have with your kids. By playing with your kids, your views on opportunity will change, and your children can learn by watching you.

What If I Don’t Have The Time?

Well, there’s really nothing like a board game night with the kids, but we understand parents are super busy. If you’d like your child to participate, talk with their teachers and show them the link on global entrepreneurship curriculum.


We’ve worked with many educators over the past few years to understand needs, frustrations, and challenges in the classroom. Our board game and curriculum might help address these issues.

What If I’ve Never Run A Business?

That’s totally fine. In fact, that’s the very reason we started the Educator’s Academy – so you can feel comfortable and get the support you need to teach the lessons to your students.

What Are The Costs?

Glad you asked. We’ve pilot taught the curriculum at high schools and introduced it to a number of organizations. Because the program is so flexible, we’re happy to send you some information regarding the course. Please drop us a line and we’ll be in touch with you very soon.


Know Opportunity has been used by economic development and job placement agencies to better equip the members of their organizations with marketable entrepreneurial skills.

How Does This Apply to Economic Development?

There are many ways in which education and economic development are linked. Know Opportunity fills a gap found in many places – especially rural areas. Kids often move away to go to college, and don’t return because of a lack of viable employment. Know Opportunity teaches the basic skills to live locally and work globally. When worked into an economic development plan, fostering global entrepreneurship through education is a win-win situation.

Do You Offer A Business Accelerator Program?

Currently, we do not. This is something that is on our minds and will likely be part of the plan in the future. If you’re interested in seeing what this might look like, please let us know.


Know Opportunity curriculum has been adapted by organizations, like Working Strategies for Women, to introduce global entrepreneurial skills to people looking to grow their businesses.

How Does The Bootcamp Work?

Our global entrepreneurship curriculum is designed to be flexible. When we work with organizations to create boot camps, we work with the org to determine the ultimate goals and outcomes of a program, then help facilitate modifying the curriculum to fit the parameters of the boot camp. If you’re interested, shoot us an email and we’d be happy to speak with you.

Can We Charge For The Bootcamp?

That’s totally up to you. We’ve designed the entrepreneurship program to be affordable for organizations to use and modify to suit their needs. We also have experience with online course platforms and organizational integration. Contact us for more information.