At Last! A Proven System That Teaches Young Entrepreneurs How To Seize Real Business Opportunities In 2019—Even When The Economy Is Not Good!

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Don’t Even Think About Starting A Business Before Reading This!

Ever felt like having Your Own Business?

Are You Dreaming Of Financial Independence and Being Your Own Boss?

Always wanted to Make an Impact on the World, a Real One?

So many ideas yet not a clear path to achieve massive wealth and success…

Every year thousands of new entrepreneurs decide to pursue their “vision”.

They believe that massive persistence and hard work are enough to build an empire.

Every year 95% of those new businesses fail within 10 months—bankruptcy, debts and worst of all, many broken dreams.

Business is not a joke…

How To Enter The 5% Club

Many fail but those who survive…they live like Kings!

As you’ve probably realized in the Business World out there “average” is not a word.

You either lose everything or become so good that you take all of the market for yourself.

Imagine this scenario for a second, thousands of new hungry customers looking to buy your product and services every day.

You’re duplicating your revenues every month—you’re liquid!

What made the difference between success and failure?


The 5% of Entrepreneurs who won the lottery all share a common secret.

They have a Method, a proven system that generates revenues and makes money work for them—they don’t improvise.

They did their homework and practiced.

They know How to Avoid Risks and Minimize Damage.

But most of all…

They know how to Capitalize on Opportunities that provide them immense amounts of wealth!

Introducing KNOW OPPORTUNITY: the First System That Teaches You How To Think Like an Entrepreneur & Capitalize on Opportunities

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Sell More Products

Learn how to identify pain points in foreign markets and revise your pitch to appeal to them so you can sell more products.

Business Priorities

Is it time to invest in expansion? Should you venture on a deal before you have the recommended funds? This business game can help you.

Mental Mindset

There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful business. Full time or side venture, we’ll help you develop the skill set for success.

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THERE’S A BETTER WAY… to get kids (and adults) to think bigger, think about their future business and think globally. It can start with something as simple as a board game. The reality is that while society teaches you what to do in your specific business, the technical skills, no one ever took the time to teach you how to run a successful business. Those who tried forgot that we’re living in a globally connected era, so we must learn how to think in a global perspective to maximize our growth.

Learn Business 4 Times Faster Than Your Peers

Our Unique Boardgame Approach To Business And Success was developed to allow you to unlock all of the 4 Areas Of Deep Learning that humans have: visual, kinetic, auditory and reading & writing( a college course or seminar will activate just 2 of them).
In this way, your progress and results will be 4x than every other business student and entrepreneur out there—quite an important competitive advantage.

Understand What True Entrepreneurship Is About

Consider this. 80% of the world’s buying power exists outside the U.S. If we’re going to teach true entrepreneurship, shouldn’t we consider the global possibilities?

Achieve Your Financial Security

Have you thought about starting a side business to get you out of the paycheck-to-paycheck mentality? Does working for yourself seem more enjoyable than working for somebody else? We can teach you a way to get there while keeping risks around 0—Even if you have no previous experience.

Build A Globally Connected Network

Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an extrovert or introvert by nature, you’ve already made enough connections to tap into an extremely profitable network. Don’t undermine what you’ve accomplished—We’ll show you how!


Super Fun - Must Have For Entrepreneurs Of All Ages!

five stars reviewThis game was a lot of fun…way more fun than I was expecting. I really liked the educational aspect of the game – even as an experienced business owner, I felt like I was improving my skills. If you love Shark Tank, you will love this game. This is also a perfect gift for the aspiring young entrepreneur in your life. Five stars.

Source: Amazon

It was so much fun. It reminded me a lot like the game ...

five stars reviewMy boyfriend and I played this game the moment we got it. It was so much fun. It reminded me a lot like the game Life and I really like that this is a educational game about running a business and in a way, taught me how to take care of my finances. I recommend this to anyone and especially to those who are thinking of running a business or there own.?

Source: Amazon

Entertaining, educational for kids and adults

five stars review

Source: Amazon

Five Stars!

five stars review

Source: Amazon

What Our Happy Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our satisfied customers do the talking!

Fun and exciting!

“I have learned a lot about what it takes to become an and what it takes to own a business. Definitely going to help my venture when I’m ready to go!”

Erin S.

High School Student

My brother’s getting this for Christmas

“The main thing I learned about being an entrepreneur is that you are selling yourself as much as the product (as in your personality).”

Ryan V.

University Student

Competitive …Engaging

“I enjoyed the competitive style this game allows. I enjoyed the risk factor to increase your payday or making a deal. I enjoyed all the cards that were offered.”

Roger D.

Game Enthusiast

 40% Off.

Play it with your friends. Play it with your kids. Play it with a stranger in the park. Just play it, and try to tell us you didn’t like it.


The Only Way You'll Achieve Results Is Through Practice—Better Start Soon!

Here are all of the things you get for 26,97$:


  • One full board game (standard 20″ x 30″) for home use
  • 27 Profile cards that keep the game play fun
  • What Could Go Wrong game cards
  • Know Opportunity game cards
  • Too Cool to Pass Up game cards
  • Would You Make a Deal game cards
  • Foreign Connection game cards
  • Growing Pains game cards
  • Smart Business Owner game cards
  • Innovation game cards
  • Partner Up tokens
  • Income Statement sheets
  • Dice and a 30-second timer
  • Instruction manual (can also be downloaded on the website)

game cards

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

Know Opportunity

These describe some of the creative ways you meet potential investors or get some initial funding

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

Foreign Connection

Investments in or expansion to foreign markets can be risky. Test your risk appetite with these opportunities!

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

What could go wrong

These are things that are often unexpected but cost business owners money

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

Growing Pains

As your business grows, so do the expenses. Land on this card and you’ll have to bear the cost of expansion

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

Too Cool to Pass Up

With all the stress of running a business, sometimes need you treat yourself to maintain sanity!

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

Would You make a deal

Assess risk and invest accordingly on a potential future return – can be applied in a joint venture with another player, so make sure to negotiate well!


game cards

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

Partner UP

Hone your negotiation skills by joining forces with other players to get in on deals and leverage their financial power to your benefit!

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

Profile Cards

Choose (randomly) from 27 pre-created business profiles. They’re intentionally fun and wacky, so have fun with it!

smart business owner

Smart Business Owner

Smart business owners build a support team of attorneys, accountants and more. Use this card to block some expenses incurred along the way!

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

Income Statement

Business owners need to know what income vs expense looks like; this sheet keeps it ridiculously easy for you to keep tabs on your profit!

Too Cool to Pass Up gmae cards

Innovation Card

Collect the set of three and reap the benefits of marketplace dominance! Can be used to negotiate or trade with other players, so negotiate away!

It's not a game. It's an investment. Discount auto applied at Checkout!

or continue down to the educator’s bundle for supreme classroom deals



The core idea of Know Opportunity is centered on the idea of thinking about business with a global mindset by teaching students how to live locally and work globally



Educators find the 36-week global entrepreneur curriculum easy to follow and adaptable to fit in with existing courses and lesson plans.


The four key areas of Deep Learning are: Visual, Auditory, Kinetic, and Reading & Writing – Know Opportunity engages students on each of these levels


We’ve reserved ridiculously special pricing for educators this holiday season. You will literally not find this pricing any other time of year. Here’s what you get when you invest in the educator’s bundle:


Six Full Board Games

You receive six board games (enough to cover the majority of classrooms) that teach the fundamentals of global entrepreneurship! If you purchase these separately, this is a $330 value!


36-Module Curriculum

Custom-designed curriculum – broken down into 36 modules- that ties into and reiterates the lessons learned through playing the Know Opportunity board game! As as standalone, this is a $399 value!


Access to Teaching Materials

You will have access to the Educator’s Portal, where you’ll find videos, resources, and tools to help you integrate curriculum into your existing classes!


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